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Parchment, Ink, Quills and Rope

You may now write on parchment using a quill pen and an inkwell. You must dip the pen in an inkwell each time you wish to write on a piece of parchment.
Look for a post office to come soon!

Rope is also available for binding subdued victims. You can bind/unbind feet|hands on if you have a rope handy.

As always, @report any inconsistencies.

Criminal Justice

There’s now an active warranting system so if you decide to be on the wrong side of the law, expect certain repercussions. NPC constables will attack anyone with a warrant until they fall unconscious, or SUBMIT. Once subdued, the perpetrator will be informed of the charges and sentence, then hauled off to jail. Once in jail, you can check your remaining time with the JAILTIME command. Your items will be confiscated until your release.

Minor Updates include KNOCK for doors, and minor bugfixes.

Defense Overhaul

Defensive moves have received a major overhaul. Previously, defensive moves were based solely on the body part they were aiming for. While the moves are still limited to covering certain areas of the body, they are now catered to specific attacks. For instance, the overhead move “chop” will always prompt Swaying Dodge. This should help balance combat further. Please @report any noticeable irregularities.

Skinning Updates

Several new skinning parts have been added to most of the creatures in the gameworld, each with various value and difficulty. With the addition of the new bodyparts, Ruvis is also offering to buy any parts no matter the condition.
The syntax for skinning is:
SKIN <bodypart> FROM <target>
Anyone who is wielding a skinning knife may attempt to skin a creature, though only skilled skinners will be able to remove the parts without damaging them. A damaged part is worth considerably less than one that is in tact.
Some of the bodyparts will be available as cooking ingredients once the skillset is developed.

New Quest!

In addition to introduction quests being added to the starting characters, a new Quest involving many of the town’s shopkeepers has begun. Talk to the new barkeep Capricious about quests he might have.

Quest System

The basics for a Quest system are now in place. Look for individualized quests for each starting skill, as well as many quests to come throughout the game.

>”bravin Quests

You say to Bravin, “Quests”
Bravin says to you,”Hmm.. You seem like a patriotic individual. I know someone
who needs your help dealing with the growing evil in the area. Seek the one
called Horrace. He’ll know what to do.”
Quest added. [What The Faction?]
A sailor appears.
You notice something moving towards you, to the northeast.



Active Quests
# Level Title
[1] (1) What The Faction?

>@quest 1

__[Quest: What The Faction?]_____________________________________________

Status: Active
Level: 1
Bravin, a local to Farshire City, wants you to speak to Horrace about your
city’s faction.

Relative Direction: north

[…. walk north to Horrace]

Horrace is here. A crowd of people rushes by.

>”horrace faction

You say to Horrace, “faction”
You have completed a quest! [What The Faction?]
Horrace says to you,”Ahhh, Bravin must’ve sent you.”
You put a handful of coins in a small pouch.
Horrace gives you a violet scarf bearing the Farshire emblem.
Horrace says to you, “Factions are a representation of thea various alliances

New Website!

Howdy folks!

Trying to get a new format for the website. Please excuse the inconvenience of the old forums being down. I am working on a way to import the old posts and users into the new website.

Thank you for your patience!