Parchment, Ink, Quills and Rope

You may now write on parchment using a quill pen and an inkwell. You must dip the pen in an inkwell each time you wish to write on a piece of parchment.
Look for a post office to come soon!

Rope is also available for binding subdued victims. You can bind/unbind feet|hands on if you have a rope handy.

As always, @report any inconsistencies.

Criminal Justice

There’s now an active warranting system so if you decide to be on the wrong side of the law, expect certain repercussions. NPC constables will attack anyone with a warrant until they fall unconscious, or SUBMIT. Once subdued, the perpetrator will be informed of the charges and sentence, then hauled off to jail. Once in jail, you can check your remaining time with the JAILTIME command. Your items will be confiscated until your release.

Minor Updates include KNOCK for doors, and minor bugfixes.

Defense Overhaul

Defensive moves have received a major overhaul. Previously, defensive moves were based solely on the body part they were aiming for. While the moves are still limited to covering certain areas of the body, they are now catered to specific attacks. For instance, the overhead move “chop” will always prompt Swaying Dodge. This should help balance combat further. Please @report any noticeable irregularities.