Quest System

The basics for a Quest system are now in place. Look for individualized quests for each starting skill, as well as many quests to come throughout the game.

>”bravin Quests

You say to Bravin, “Quests”
Bravin says to you,”Hmm.. You seem like a patriotic individual. I know someone
who needs your help dealing with the growing evil in the area. Seek the one
called Horrace. He’ll know what to do.”
Quest added. [What The Faction?]
A sailor appears.
You notice something moving towards you, to the northeast.



Active Quests
# Level Title
[1] (1) What The Faction?

>@quest 1

__[Quest: What The Faction?]_____________________________________________

Status: Active
Level: 1
Bravin, a local to Farshire City, wants you to speak to Horrace about your
city’s faction.

Relative Direction: north

[…. walk north to Horrace]

Horrace is here. A crowd of people rushes by.

>”horrace faction

You say to Horrace, “faction”
You have completed a quest! [What The Faction?]
Horrace says to you,”Ahhh, Bravin must’ve sent you.”
You put a handful of coins in a small pouch.
Horrace gives you a violet scarf bearing the Farshire emblem.
Horrace says to you, “Factions are a representation of thea various alliances

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