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PostPosted: Fri Feb 20, 2015 8:02 pm


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-Locksmithing and Healing have been partially released into the gameworld. These skillsets are still in development, so bugs are imminent. Please @report your findings and I’ll try to address them in a timely manner.
A small box is locked.
>unlock box with lockpick
(Chance: 30, Roll: 74) Using your lockpick, you hear a click as the last
tumbler on a small box releases.
Simarily you can:
A small box is already unlocked.
>lock box with lockpick
(Chance: 30, Roll: 64) Using your lockpick, you hear a click as the last
tumbler on a small box closes.
To lower your success and to discover more information about a lock, use:
>study box
(Chance: 37, Roll: 72) You carefully study a small box.
Upon studying a small box you find that it has a very easy mechanism with one locking tooth.
Some locks have multiple tumblers and are much tougher to unlock.
>study coffer
(Chance: 67, Roll: 71) You carefully study a small coffer.
Upon studying a small coffer you find that it has an intermediate mechanism with two locking teeth.

Healing commands go as follows:
>diagnose me
(Chance: 1, Roll: 28) You carefully examine yourself.
Your head is bleeding.

>probe head on me
You are now ready.
(Chance: 17, Roll: 37) You gently probe at your head.

>bandage head on me
Blood drips from your head.
(Chance: 1, Roll: 92) You wrap a bandage around your head.

-With the addition of new skills, I realize that players want to be able to train them so I’ve implemented General Skill Points. The amount of time you spend playing helps generate GSP with which you can purchase ranks from any skill set. This will allow players to learn skills from any skill set.

-Skill slots have been implemented. Each skill you have after the first will have penalties to rank earnings and will cost more to learn from trainers.

-Practice dummies have “dummy weapons” that will allow you to practice disarming.

-Various mobs now have a chance to carry locked items that may contain items of value.

-Leather sheaths and bronze scabbards have been added to shops around Farshire. Most of the time, auto-move will default to them first with weapons.


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PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2015 9:55 am


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-Herbalism and Mining skills have been added to the gameworld. They are still under development, so trainers for these skills may not be available for a short time. Each player will be allowed to have one gathering skill that will skill up as you perform the action successfully. Many herbs and ores have been scattered across the outdoors. You may find them by reading the descriptions of the areas you visit. A pick axe will be required of miners, however no tool is required to harvest herbs. A failed attempt to harvest will produce a damaged herb that can still be processed but will not be usable.

-Alchemy is currently functional offering a player the chance to process, study and then make use of the herb in crafting potions. Use STUDY herb to discover properties of the flora you find. The higher you roll over your success, the more properties of the herb you will discover. Once you have learned a property, your character will remember that property. You may purchase a mortal and pestle to GRIND herbs into a usable essence. With the right essences, an empty vial and access to an alchemy table, it is possible to CRAFT POTIONs. Combine 3 ingredients that have a common effect to produce a potion of that type. Certain essences are stronger than others and will produce a larger effect. Some potions offer temporary boosts to stats and all potions have a potency level that is affected by both the quality of herbs used and the skill of the alchemist.

-Several bugfixes including bandaging injuries, a miscalculation in stats when spending points after a level while wearing enchanted items, and adjustments of SP gain have been addressed in an effort to balance the gameworld.

-Currently making preparations for a reputation system and new faction items to appear on harder enemies (bandits currently) that can be redeemed in your character’s home town for reputation points. The reputation will be used to gain access to faction-specific items and the collective reputation of a town will eventually lead to advantages once Faction Wars begin. Players will be allowed to choose one of two towns to align with and then battle once a week for control of neutral trade zones, allowing access to higher level trainers and items, as well as discounted rates on commonly purchased goods.

-NPCs are still being developed and will allow for crowds and individual npcs to be picked out for interaction.


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PostPosted: Wed May 20, 2015 3:47 pm


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Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve updated this thread, and fortunately it is due to to the fact that I’ve been so busy building and fixing bugs that I haven’t had time to keep track of it all. First off I’d like to welcome our newest adventurers to the city (you know who you are.) It seems that our population is growing exponentially, let’s hope the trend continues.
With that, some of the highlights since my last post:-Gathering skills are now offered by various trainers in the city. Herbalism, Mining, and now Skinning are functoning within the gameworld. Check out the grasslands and forest areas to see the new fauna wandering the gameworld. Most of them can be skinned for their leathers. (Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are soon to follow) Be careful when searching through the forest, though. Because…-New bandit areas and tiers have been added to the gameworld. The forest is ripe with activity just east of the kobold clearing. You may even find a cave that has dangerous foes and odd rodents wandering within. There is a chance for rare armor to drop in these new spawn areas.-Looting has been better streamlined with EMPTY <corpse> INTO <container> or simply EMPTY <corpse> and the BURY <corpse> command to dispose of a corpse once it’s been looted. A small round-time will incur, but this saves one from typing a lot of redundant commands.

-Staves have officially been released and added to the character generation. Look for the new trainer west of the polearm and spear teachers.

-Lanterns can now be worn as long as you are wearing some sort of belt.

-Defense has been adjusted to compare the difficulty of the attack against the difficulty of the block you are performing. More difficulty attacks require more complicated blocks to counter them. As a side note, Defense has always required fatigue to perform, but now to prevent someone from being completely vulnerable at 0 fatigue, a character will now start going into negative fatigue, but with great penalties to their defense. Once a character has reached -50 fatigue, they will no longer be able to defend themselves.

-GSP now tabulates every hour so there is no longer a need to logout in order to see your accumulation.

-Fighting monsters at higher levels than the skill you are using to fight them now rewards a greater skill point yield than fighting mobs on your character’s level. As before, you will not gain points fighting enemies that are lower level than your skill you are using.

-Damage has been increased slightly for unarmed combat and for weapons overall. Also, you may now use unarmed skills like kick and stomp while wielding a weapon and a shield.

-Maximum load totals have been raised considerably.

-Weapons can be wielded with both hands will now have a damage bonus when wielding with two hands.

-Fixed several bugs (too many to count), but the most notable being currency miscalculations when doing transactions with trainers or repair shops, errors in sp calculation, error that put players in Nowhere when aborting character generation, errors in the walk to command, and errors when calculating bleed damage after going KO and exiting from your character.


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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2015 7:16 pm


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Apologies for the unannounced server maintenence today. Necessary security updates needed to be applied and the server was down for longer than expected. The game should be up and running by 8pm CST. Thank you for your patience.


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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2015 5:03 pm


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-Crowds have been added to the main roads of Farshire. You may interact with the crowds or single someone out from a crowd by using the LOOK FOR <npc> command. Be careful what you do, negative actions can reap negative repercussions.

-Noncombat skills have been added to Character Generation (Pickpocketing, Locksmithing and Healing (First-Aid)) and new players will start with 10 GSP as well as a tin knife and whatever supplies they need to start their profession. All existing characters were awarded 10 GSP as well. Also fixed several bugs in the Character Generation.

-Pickpocketing has been released to the gameworld. The trainer is a secret and only players who have Pickpocketing will know when they find the trainer. NPCs can be stolen from, but if you get caught you may end up with a warrant and some jail time.

-Blacksmithing has been added to the gameworld. Find the trainer near the armory. You must have mining to gather the ore needed to smelt into ingots and then craft into various items. Look for many new recipes to be showing up throughout the gameworld.

-You can now get items from groups one by one. Also, certain skills like Bandaging can make use of a group of bandages, rather than needing a single bandage in hand.

-Damage to prone victims has been normalized.

-Several new items, including recipes for crafting items have been added to the gameworld. Check the shops for changes. Once recipes are read, they are memorized and discarded. You can remember your recipes by using the RECALL command.

-Gathering materials like ore and herbs have been organized into areas of difficulty. As you progress into more dangerous areas you should find higher level and rarer herbs.

-New spawn areas being developed. Look for new mob types (and even damage types) to be released soon.

-You may now count the items in a group.

-Fixed several mechanics bugs and display inconsistencies. Fixed a bug that was preventing lines from being wrapped automatically rather than by the client being used.


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:32 am


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First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lack of appearance lately. I’ve been swamped at work and haven’t had time to be on as much as I would like. With that being said, I’ve noticed a large influx of new players checking out the game. If you happen to see any, be sure to help them out to the best of your ability so we can build a large playerbase!

I have also been working steadily on magic skills. So far there are three schools of magic: Invocation, Divination and Alteration. The first deals with dealing damage using elements of fire, ice and lightning. The second involves healing magic that can mend bleeders, raise hitpoints and cure poison. The last is an enchancement skillset that has spells to create physical barriers around your character, raise his/her stats temporarily or counter the spells of other mages.

Once magic has been fully playtested, I’ll release it on the the Character generation.

A new UNLEARN command has been introduced. There is no refund for unlearned skills and unlearning is permanant. If you unlearn a basic skill, all of it’s subskills will be unlearned as well.

Minor Bugfixes:
-Fixed Pickpocketing skills Sharpen and Cut and Lift
-Fixed a bug with defense RB calculation
-Fixed a bug with small pouches being linked to destroyed mobs
-Fixed a bug that involved disarmed humanoids behaving poorly or not at all
-Fixed a bug that was preventing humanoids with unarmed skills and weapons from attacking with both skillsets


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:05 am


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The beginning stages of magic are now around 75% done. All three sets, Invocation, Alteration and Divination are being playtested to ensure balance, but once balance has been established the skills will be released to the gameworld. As with all skills, only the first tier of skills will be released in the initial area of the game. Players will have to travel to other areas of the game and unlock trainers to learn more difficult moves.

Magic works slightly different than attacks. When you attack, the action is performed immediately and a busy timer follows. Casting works somewhat in reverse. The player must wait for the incantation to complete before the action executes. More difficult spells will take longer to cast and may require more than one free hand. Also, spells have set cast times and are not affected by the Speed stat. While the player is forming the spell, he/she is vulnerable to losing his/her concentration if he/she receives enough damage before the spell is cast. This is based on the levels of the caster and damaging opponent as well as the difficulty of the spell. If the caster succeeds in finishing the spell, there is a short timer before allowing the next action.

>mguarda me
You begin casting Guarda Minor on yourself.
(Chance: 11, Roll: 90) You are immersed in slight shades of indigo as you
finish casting your incantation.
You are now ready.

The spell was successful, so we are able to see its effects with the condition command.

You are perfectly satiated.

You have assumed an aggressive stance.
You are unwounded.

Current Effect Duration Remaining (sec)
Guarda Barrier (+7) 160

We can see that we now have a barrier, of 7 strength lasting for 160 seconds. If another guarda spell is cast, it will only replace the current status if the new barrier is stronger, or if the new barrier has the same strength, but longer duration. Other magical and potion status effects will also show up in the condition command.
Also, if you look at a player with this particular buff, you can see a visible change.

>look me
He is standing here. He is surrounded by a faint purple glow. He is empty

The goal of this game is to create “class-type” gameplay without having actual classes, so magic will include a lot of support for combat characters. This will allow players to travel in groups to harder dungeons that would otherwise be too difficult for players to explore.

-Gladiators in the Colosseum will now scale appropriately to the character fighting them. If there are more than one characters on the sands, it will spawn a gladiator relative to the highest level player on the sands. The level of ranks you can now achieve is much higher, but the foes can become much more difficult than before.

-The amount of Hit Points, Fatigue and Stat points a player receives at each level has been adjusted slightly.

-Kobold Mages equipped with all types of elemental attacks have been released into the gameworld. Watch out for them in the Kobold Caverns.

-A new Unarmed skill, Rolling Dodge, has been released. This allows the player to retain a small portion of defense bonus while sitting or prone.


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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:16 pm


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Hello fellow Realm wanderers!

It’s been a great while since I’ve filed an update, but fear not! I have been hard at work building and fixing things that are too numbered to list. Some notable changes:

-TEACH command now allows skills to be taught by players to other players. The normal requirements for that skill will still carry over, but it might save some players a few coins.

-@ACA|@DCA|@ALIAS have been added to cater to a command alias system. You can now add aliases to your commands and use short-hand input methods to do common commands.

-@FACTION and faction items, as well as faction xp has been implemented. Look for IG rewards for the different factions throughout the game.

-INSPECT command has been revamped to display more information about items, weapons and armor, including all applicable properties of that item.

-VIEW has been added for viewing merchandise at stores. To see more information about an item, you can simply VIEW <item> or VIEW # while in a store.

-TARGET allows you to lock on to a target within visible range. The target must have been SCANned by the character, or seen moving around the area. This will allow for ranged attacks to be applied to targets not in the same screen as the character. When a target moves out of range, the character will be notified

-@HPS will give a heads-up display of your health points or fatigue points as they change. Whenever any change occurs, the new value will display, making it easier to keep track of.

***Minor Changes***
-Stats will now show unbuffed when using the SPEND Command.
-The diminishing returns for ranks beyond 90 has been lowered, making it more lucrative to proceed beyond rank 100.
-Two handed weapon moves will now auto-wield the offhand if holding a weapon in one hand and the character’s offhand is free. Inversely, the character will auto-release a 2h weapon to cast a 1-h spell. This will allow for melee combat to seam with magic more easily.
-Monsters now have an “aggro-radius” that when entered will trigger them to start looking for a character.
-Alcohol will now cause a character’s speech to become slurred and can even cause a character to fall unconscious.
– Fixed bugs with grouping, bandaging, walk-to, display issues and monster AI.


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:45 am


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LOTS of BIG changes this month!

-Mercenaries! Help for hire is now available to those who have proven their worth. If you are high enough level, and have enough Faction XP in the relative faction, you may now hire a mercenary for an hourly rate to help you fight and mule your loot back to the merchants. A full list of commands as well as an explanation can be gathered from asking one of the helpful NPCs about Mercenary work. Look for Taskmaster Shuganis near the city’s gates. Use the HIRES command to check who is for hire, or HIRE <who> to hire a companion.

-A new Marksman Skillset has been added to the gameworld. Leah has taken up shop on the north side of town to help those who are interested in learning how to shoot a bow, or how to pick out targets at far distances. As a result, any body within your scanned radius and/or seen moving around in your range can be targetted as if that body were in the same screen as the player.

-WALK <dir> command has been added that will allow you to continually walk a direction, or if you have a list such as: WALK NORTH 1 EAST 2 NORTHEAST 3 etc.. it will follow your directions as long as there are visible exits. Just as with the WALK TO command, you may stop at any time with the STOP command.

-You may now target multiple matches by using the bar | between matches. For example, if you are in a room with a rodent, you can type: ATTACK RAT|RODENT to attack the rodent, even though there is no rat present. The parser will match each object (in order of arrival and relevance) to each word your template, and if there is a match will choose that object to interact with. This also works with @target rat|rodent|kobold|bandit|etc, after which you can use templates of ATTACK <target> to attack any of the above templates should any of them be a viable target.

-Added @SOCIAL [<time length>] for clarity to see the most recent conversations in the Social channel, (up to the amount in seconds if specified).

-New hunting area: The refuse-filled alleys of Farshire. At night, certain baddies will exert their dominance over the seedy underground area of south-central Farshire City.

-Several skills have been added to various skillsets including (Pull Arrow, Feint, Fallback, Unarmed Charge, Distorta and others)

-Seveal bugfixes in robot AI, Character sleep recovery, rank-bonus calculations, aiming, corpse disposal, cardinal direction navigation, buy command, gladiator scaling and Invocation damage.


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